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Covenant Missions Monthly Prayer

Dear brothers and sisters:

Please remember to pray for our two missionary families below.


Zoellners – French Canada  MNA

Praises from the Zoellners:

– The Zoellner family had a brief but refreshing time in Hawaii.

– Thanks that Diane Tase (accountant) and Bernard (and Melanie) Westerveld (Minister in Quebec City) can join Jacque Boulet to form a new leadership team at Institut Farel

-We praise God for the ongoing and increasing quality of  biblical theology, missionary training, and church history provided by churches in Quebec, here and in French-speaking Africa.

– Quebec is starting to recover from COVID-19 challenges- there was a shortage of hospital beds at the height of the crisis but that has subsided now.

Prayer Requests from the Zoellners

– J.G. undergoes hip replacement surgery on 27 April, and is followed regularly by an oncologist for his Stage I prostate cancer, while Daryl has been referred to a specialist for her back and an arthritic knee.

– Both JG and Daryl are involved in leading members of our ERQ churches through a 12-meeting discipleship course, aimed at renewal and confirmation of the truths of the gospel through a life-practical study of the Gospel of Mark and the Letter to the Romans. We would like to include more people in this growth process. It is a way for us to connect with unbelievers and with those who want to disciple others into a relationship of intimacy with the living Lord Jesus. Pray that this ministry will also expand to other congregations in other denominations. 

– Ministry in the post-COVID world:  There is “ replanting” required-  some trial and error, as well as opposition and suffering, but these are all for our ultimate good. There can be frustration and discouragement but, in the end, God stretches and heals.  

 – Please pray for five local churches of the Reformed Church of Quebec. ALSO we believe the time is overdue to start planting new churches ! To this end, a new work is beginning with a small core group in Shawinigan, in the south-central part of Quebec, under the leadership of PCA missionary Luc Bert. Also, please pray that our current discipleship training course will spin off a “twin course” oriented toward encouraging and equipping Christians (not just church planters) to start new, outward focused church plants.  

– Please pray that J.G. will be able to persevere through post-operation physiotherapy while he manages his responsibilities as a “scaled back” pastor-evangelist. 

Daryl continues to forge a pathway into the lives of fellow artists in Montreal who seek encouragement, particularly those having had a Christian upbringing. She finds her talents are not wasted as she pursues the expression of loving both God and her neighbors through creating works of art. 

 感謝神Zoellner 一家在夏威夷有一個愉快的假期

感謝神有新領導團隊加入Institu Farel



– 4月27号J. G 臀部移植手术,康復物理治療還有手術繼續侍奉禱告

– 为他们门徒训练课程还有求神让更多的人能加入祷告
– 求神帮助疫情后事工再一次开始祷告求神帮助,包括当地的五个教会。

-求神幫助Daryl 鼓勵一起學藝術在基督家長大的朋友


Glennis Shih – Campus ministry in NY

Praises from Glennis:

While trying to reach students on campus, God is also revealing to Glennis her own need of Him.  She was able to share this testimony with others, that God continues to sanctify us as we serve Him more humbly

Prayer requests from Glennis:

–        Penn State team ministry’s transition ahead.  Thank God for the current team who served over 24 years and pray that God continue to raise God-centered leaders to bless this campus ministry for the years ahead.  

–        Glennis will be joining a staff retreat in SoCal.  Pray for a safe trip and a refreshing time for them all

感謝神在Glennis 學校侍奉中對她的教導和見證



Glennis 去南加州退休會禱告


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