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Covenant Missions Monthly Prayer – June 2022

Dear brothers and sisters:

Please remember to pray for our two missionary families below.

John and Kelley – India

—The S family (missions partners) as they return to the USA. They are unsure of their next steps, but they will take a couple of months to grieve and process the traumatic process of being expelled from India due to religious persecution they have gone through and continue to go through.

—The three remaining families on our team. All of us have at least one Indian citizen in our unit, so the threat for us is not currently as pressing in terms of being expelled from the country. We pray for this to remain so and for comfort as we grieve.

—New City Fellowship as they grieve the loss of yet another elder through religious persecution.

—Our church planting core team as we adjust again to the reality of the Lord shifting the timing of our plans, for wisdom for the coming months, and for hope that is ours in Christ.

David and Aliece – China

–  The wicked are gaining and exploiting those who are suffering from government lockdowns in the country

– The government and leaders are not treating human beings as being made in the image of God

– Aliece’s Biblical Counseling training and experiences have been of use by God as His instrument in these times of tribulation.

– David is teacing daily 4-8 hours online to local and other churches around the nation.

– There was a local pastor that literally ran out of food and through connections contacted us, and praise the Lord we are able to find a delivery person (a premium nowadays that charges premium prices) to deliver some of our food and products to him, and as he informs us that there are elderly in his residential building that also ran out of food, we are also able to send them some as well, praise our Lord to also use us in these ways, that we provide not only Spiritual food but also food itself to remind us we depend not on bread alone but the Words of God.

– Financial Assistance

It’s been two months now and the price increased on necessities such as food has really put a financial strain on us as no end seems to be insight.  Please pray if you may consider giving us an one-time support to help us through these never-ending lock down.  And, if you haven’t already, please prayerfully consider to be our monthly financial partner.

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John and Kelley – 印度





David and Aliece
 – 中國


—— 政府和領導人沒有將人視為按神的形象被造


——David每天 4-8 小時在網上向當地和全國各地的教會授課。


—— 經濟支持。封鎖現已兩個月了,食品等必需品的價格上漲似乎沒有盡頭,這確實給我們帶來了財務壓力。請祈禱考慮您是否可以給我們一次性的支持,以幫助我們度過這些永無止境的封鎖。並且,如果您還沒有,請考慮成為每月支持我們的財務夥伴。


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